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The door opened, and I a woman fucking a horse got a shock, and my first pangs of fear began to form. It was Him, why didn't I know He was involved? Dam, the one, the only one who would know just what it would take to end this, to make me talk. He knew me better than anyone had ever known me, knew all the good places He could take me, and knew the one bad place that I refused to go. He'd only taken me there once, and brought me back before it got too bad, but I had a feeling I'd be going there again, and He would not be nearly so nice about bringing me back. Made me wonder, though, if He was the one in charge, why all this other stuff? Why give me all this pleasure, He knew how much I was enjoying it, had to know, He'd done these and so many other things to me before. Then again, He is a sadist, and He had once told me He loved me

"I thought you should meet - it's Mike and Tina's horse hung first party tonight," she said and left, directing a wink at Naomi who gave a broad smile in return.

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Bill and Steve were both back bestiality free clips the next Saturday night, but I hadn't heard from Kathy. I assumed that she had changed her mind or found someone else to take her in. Steve had had a boner when he walked in, so I know he was disappointed, but there was nothing I could do about it. I apologized and said that I'd keep them informed. Katie had been there Friday night, but Saturday morning she said that she wasn't sure she wanted to go through with it. She left that afternoon and called me Sunday morning to see how things had gone. When I told her that it didn't happen she said that she'd had a change of heart. She had decided that she'd like to be there, but she had thought it was too late and didn't call. I told her that I didn't know what had happened; maybe her mom had decided it wasn't worth it or maybe she just couldn't get away. I promised to let her know if I heard anything

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Monica kept digging herself deeper. "No! No, she doesn't. maggie the ferocious beast merchandise Uh, Phoebe, what she makes - that's uh - they're sock rabbits. They are completely different." Then she gave in, "Okay! Okay! Okay! I didn't make it! I'm sorry! I totally forgot about tonight and the fact that we're supposed to make the presents!

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Lisa went over to mistress beast their leader. Luckily her English was very good. We knew we'd won when the leader burst out laughing and nearly had hysterics. She called her women together and explained what we intended. Then we were swamped by "Hungarian" girls. The gist of what they said was that they thought it was a great idea. They wished that they could do it to their men as well but their culture wouldn't permit it. That wouldn't do. I whispered in Lisa's ear. She nodded and went to talk to their leader again. At first she looked horrified but one of the "Hungarian" girls who was listening got excited. At least one of them understood enough English. Then she spoke to the others who clamoured round their leader and Lisa. The expression on the leader's face was transparent. She couldn't have said more clearly "If you want to, go ahead but..." Then she and Lisa arranged the details

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